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Whoever you are, we’ve got you.

Whether your baby is waking multiple times each night, won’t nap, or will only fall asleep by feeding. We're here to help. Sleep is something we all deserve and consistently good sleep can be achieved in a short period of time with some practical advice and easy changes.

When I was pregnant with our first baby, my husband and I talked a lot about our excitement and fears. By far our biggest fear was the sleep deprivation, we are both people who need our sleep and didn't want to end up in separate bedrooms so that one of us could get a few hours' rest. So I decided to really delve deep into the subject of sleep, reading lots, researching and listening to podcasts to see if there was a way to make the first few months (and years!) better - good even - as far as sleep was concerned. 

After our baby was born we gently started to nudge him into a routine from a few weeks old, which suited us. Plus, being a lockdown baby there wasn’t much else to do! He was sleeping 8 hour stretches by 10 weeks and slept through the night from four and a half months old. He has never had a disturbed night or regression since. His naps are reliable and he is a happy, healthy (and happily attached!) little boy. 

I loved seeing the sleep theory I had learned put into practice. I saw so clearly how routine, alongside an optimal sleep environment and teaching the skill of falling asleep independently really worked. So, I decided to train as a Sleep Consultant to help other families and two years on, we've helped over 
one thousand parents to transform sleep.


Sleep deprivation is a form of torture for a reason, it is hell. It makes you cranky, it breaks down relationships, it sucks the energy and fun out of the day and it is no way to live. Our babies want fully functioning, happy, thriving adults for parents so that we can be our best selves and find the joy in parenting and in the every day.

Our style of working is no-nonsense delivered in a caring way. There is zero blame, shame or talk of sleep "mistakes" you might feel you have made. You are the expert in your baby and we are here to bring the sleep expertise; together
we are partners.


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The Sleep Chief team are OCN Level 5 qualified sleep practitioners

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Hi I’m Kristy, mummy of two; Alfie 3 and Poppy 1. I have a background in education and have worked as a teacher for 13 years, most recently at a primary school in London. 


A little about my sleep journey, Alfie was not a good sleeper or a happy newborn for that matter. He was on antibiotics from birth and had reflux. I had longed to go for nice long walks with my baby in a pram and meeting friends. My reality was far from that! He spent lots of time in the sling during the day and our nights were exhausting. The reflux resolved at around 5 months old, but it wasn’t until 7 months that I decided to seek help. I realised none of us could carry on with such little sleep.


Within a week, Alfie was sleeping in his cot for naps and doing a two hour lunchtime nap. I couldn’t believe it! Night wakes reduced to just one and within two weeks he had stopped waking for a feed. My husband and I could make plans to go out in the evenings – eeek! And we had a happy, well-rested baby. 


I trained to become a sleep consultant when I fell pregnant with my little girl. I put all of my knowledge into practice after Poppy was born and have seen firsthand how introducing the foundations gently from the start can absolutely pay off.

I am so passionate about baby’s sleep and want to support and enable parents to get the wellbeing and sleep they need for their family. I’m here to give you the tools you need to create positive sleep patterns for your little one and I can’t wait to meet you!

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