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Whether your baby is waking multiple times each night, won't nap or will only fall asleep feeding, we’re here to help.

When I was pregnant in the winter of 2019, my husband and I had lots of late-night conversations, discussing our excitement and fears about having a baby. By far our greatest fear was the sleep deprivation. We are both people who *need* our sleep and all we were hearing from friends, family and society at large is that we were heading into a few sleep-deprived and stressful years.

But the more we talked about sleep, a little voice in my brain said: there must be a way.

There must be a way to make the first few months (and years) better, good even, as far as sleep was concerned. So I decided to really delve deep into the subject of sleep: reading lots, researching and listening to podcasts. Thus began my journey into learning all things baby sleep.

After our son was born and after the first few crazy newborn weeks, we began to gently nudge him into a daytime routine. We optimised his sleep environment and gave him opportunities to fall asleep independently from the beginning.

He slept through the night from four and a half months old, and his sleep has remained consistently brilliant over three years down the line. He is a happy, healthy and well-attached little boy. And we as his parents are happy, healthy and well-rested too.

I loved seeing the sleep theory I had learned put into practice. I saw so clearly how – despite it often seeming like a totally random mystery – there really is a formula to baby sleep. So, I decided to train as a Sleep Consultant and help other parents to bring balance back to parenthood and take the stress out of sleep.


Over three years on, we've helped 3000+ parents to transform sleep.

Restful, restorative sleep is beneficial for parents and babies alike, and can be achieved in a short period of time with some practical advice and easy changes.

Our mission is to help you to unlock predictable sleep so that you can reclaim your sense of identity, reconnect with your partner and most importantly, have the freedom to enjoy life and parenting fully.


P.S. Have you downloaded any of our free sleep guides yet? Check them out below!

Meet The Team

About: Team


Hi, I’m Katie, mummy of two little ones; Arthur 3 and Ella 1. They’re a little comedy duo and certainly keep me on my toes.


When Arthur was a baby he had quite bad reflux which made our sleep journey a tricky one to begin with. He was often uncomfortable when laid down and therefore needed to be taught the skill of self settling at an older age once the reflux was under control. My partner and I used to spend over an hour trying to settle him every night, we had lost our evenings together and also had another baby on the way. Eventually we decided to hire a sleep consultant - The Sleep Chief! We were amazed at how quickly our “bad sleeper” was transformed into a great sleeper with no more bedtime battles! 


It was during my maternity leave that I decided to train to be a sleep consultant myself. I put my knowledge to practice when Ella was 5 months old which has made the juggle of two children so much easier. I also couldn’t wait to help other parents and babies get the sleep they need and deserve, and transform their lives like it had done for ours. 



Hello, my name is Rachel and I'm mummy to 2 lovely little boys, Archie 4 and Teddy 2. They keep me busy and it can be chaos but I wouldn't have it any other way! 


Sleep deprivation can be brutal! I have been there and know just how tough it can be. When Archie was little he woke every hour at night and I was driving him around for all his naps or carrying him in the sling.  I had such anxiety about his naps and dreaded the nighttimes.  I was broken, my marriage was strained and it was really taking a toll on my mental health. I felt so alone and like I was doing everything wrong.  Google was my best friend but provided me none of the answers I was looking for on how to get him to sleep!  

We hired a sleep consultant when he was 10 months old and it really was life changing.  He started sleeping through the night and has done so ever since.  I couldn't believe it! I was convinced he was just a 'bad' sleeper.  The help we were given was transformational and saved me in so many ways.

From that moment I knew that I wanted to be able to do that for other parents.  That is why I trained to be a sleep consultant; I want to be able to help as many families as possible so they don't feel so desperate and alone. If your little one's sleep isn't working for you, there are absolutely things that can be done and I'm so excited to help you.  


I'm Alex and I'm a mum of 2, Ronnie 5 and Lexi 2. I would describe myself as a fun mum and love any type of activity or day out. But like most parents, I'm constantly trying to find balance in life and I used a Sleep Consultant for both my children - WOW what a difference it made. 


I am Emily's right hand woman, behind-the-scenes ninja and I'm here to help assist the team with anything they need. Additionally if anything is spelt wrong or missing an apostrophe - apologies that's me! 


Fun fact: We had a Pregnancy Consultation for my second child as I wanted to feel super prepared. It was amazing and both myself and my husband were so organised and knew exactly what was expected of each other in our new roles. Lexi slept through the night from 4 weeks old which was incredible but also invaluable for the journey we were then taken on, as she was diagnosed with a rare condition at 5 months old. 


I still look back now and wonder how different that period of our life would have been if she wasn’t sleeping well. Having a clear plan for her sleep meant we could focus on doctors appointments, research and looking after Ronnie too, without being drained from sleep deprivation.


I love being a part of this incredible team and being able to support them whilst they help parents just like me is amazing! 


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