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Guaranteed Sleep Success Consultation -
Money Back Guarantee 

For the purpose of the 30 day money-back guarantee, your baby's “sleep success” is defined as the following:


  • They are able to sleep in their cot or crib

  • They are able to self-settle; they are falling asleep independently and are not relying on feeding, rocking, cuddling, co-sleeping or any external sleep association in order to fall asleep or fall back to sleep

  • They are able to nap in their cot

  • Their naps have improved in length and predictability from pre-consultation (even if they are not 100% as per the nap lengths in their routine)

  • Their night wakes have reduced in frequency

  • They are able to sleep for longer stretches of sleep at night than pre-consultation


This may mean:


  • They still wake at night for feeds when hungry

  • They still wake at night and require some re-settling

  • They still wake at night when ill, teething or are not in their normal sleep environment

  • They are not doing the full length of their naps exactly as per their routine

  • There may still be some crying when settling to sleep (not excessive)



In order to be eligible for a refund for the Guaranteed Sleep Success Consultation as part of our 30 day money back guarantee you must have:


  • Been in contact with your Sleep Consultant twice daily as part of your 1 or 2 weeks of WhatsApp support

  • Been responsive and answered any questions pertaining to your baby’s sleep training within the support hours

  • Followed the ongoing advice of your Sleep Consultant. We may recommend to switch settling methods if it's clear one is not working for your baby

  • Followed the Sleep Programme given to you and stuck consistently with one of the settling methods throughout the 30 day period

  • Your baby must not have had a period of illness, teething or travel within the 30 days following your consultation as any one of these can temporarily de-rail sleep in the early days after sleep training. If one of these has occurred and you need help to get back on track, please email mentioning “guaranteed sleep success consultation help” in the subject line



  • Book you in for a free 20 minute troubleshoot call with The Sleep Chief Founder, Emily, to talk through the issues you’re having since finishing your WhatsApp support and give you a renewed action plan

  • Allow you an additional 7 days to implement the advice given in the troubleshoot call

  • Check in with you after 7 days over email to see how progress is

  • Refund you in full after 7 days if there is no improvement to sleep



Whilst we have a high success rate with solving early rising, we cannot guarantee your baby’s early rising will be resolved within 30 days. This is because in the case of many early risers, if they have been waking pre-6am for months, their circadian rhythm is often firmly set and it can take some time to re-set.


Our pregnancy consultation and newborn consultations are non-refundable.

You agree to make every attempt to request a refund prior to attempting a chargeback or to dispute the charges with your financial institution. We reserve the right to present proof of your access and these Terms to the financial institution investigating the dispute.

The Sleep Chief makes no representation that the use of the Products or Services (with or without any third-party product or service) or the information provided to you by our Services or any Content found on the Services constitutes medical treatment or medical advice.


The Sleep Chief's customer care, support and products cannot be considered a medical resource. If you have any medical concern or emergency, it is your responsibility to seek medical assistance. You agree to consult your GP and follow NHS guidelines if you have any medical concerns before booking a consultation.

Upon booking, you agree to the The Sleep Chief's Terms and Conditions.

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