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 For the winter months we are introducing an affordable membership for parents in need of help, running from October to February.

The goal of this membership is that every member's baby is sleeping well by Christmas.


You will get access to all of our sleep programmes (from newborn up to 4 years old), fortnightly live Zoom masterclasses (scroll for our upcoming masterclasses!), a library of baby sleep articles and a forum to be able to talk and connect with other fellow parents. Plus, a members' discount on any other support you might need.


No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.



It's 3am and they won't settle unless it's in your arms. Or it's 5am and they're wide awake. Or your baby will only nap on you and YOU need a break. Everyone said it was going to be hard, but is it supposed to be THIS hard? They just won't sleep.

And the problem is, you've got to be up in a few hours' time and you're going to be exhausted. Not able to give your full potential as a parent or at work.

You're feeling utterly defeated and nothing you've tried has worked. You've scrolled through Instagram, asked Google every question and spoken to family and friends. No one has the answer to YOUR baby's issues.

But there is a solution. Through joining our membership your baby will learn to sleep for longer stretches at night and have predictable naps during the day so that you have:

  • A happy and rested baby

  • More energy and joy from day to day

  • Quality time for you and your partner to rest and re-connect


Ready to join?


  • You’re desperate for some help with your baby’s sleep but can’t afford a one-to-one consultation

  • You’ve already had a consultation or bought a sleep programme with us and are keen to keep sleep working great over the coming months

  • You’ve managed to make some improvements to your baby’s sleep but are still having issues in one area, like early rising or naps

  • You’re pregnant and keen to learn everything there is on baby sleep before your baby is born! (so clever)

  • You’ve managed to get your baby sleeping well and are now a convert - you want to learn all there is to know about baby sleep!

  • You’re looking for a sense of community with some awesome fellow parents over the winter! (we seem to only attract awesome people, it’s a gift)

baby sleep consultant


  • Find the joy in parenting again!

  • Be able to put your baby down awake at bedtime in their cot without tears

  • Have the confidence to know you're doing when it comes to sleep

  • Get some longer stretches of sleep happening at night

  • Get your evenings back! And have time for each other in the evenings

  • All be getting more rest enabling you to be able to be the parent you want to be 

  • Have predictable breaks every day when your baby naps in their cot

  • Be able to stop feeding, rocking or holding to sleep each night

  • Feel more like yourself again!

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