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A few notes from our holiday! April 2022

It’s hard to complain about a holiday without sounding ungrateful…but man, holidaying with a toddler is not easy! As our friends with older children told us before we ventured away for the first time last year: holidays with a baby are not relaxing!

But there were a few things that we found that worked well and eased things along a little so I thought I’d share for anyone planning to go away soon:

Travel buggy

We took the Besrey Airplane Stroller with us this time around and wow, what a genius product. Being able to fold the buggy down to backpack size so that you can actually take it with you on-board is a game-changer. We had long passport control queues at both ends where Jago was approaching needing a nap so not having to carry him the entire time was gold.

Bag of tricks

I’ve mentioned this before in previous travel posts but we have a canvas bag that we call “the bag of tricks”. This bag contains an ever-increasing number of small handheld toys, crafts, stickers, stress-balls, etc. that Jago doesn’t have access to when at home. We bring this out on long journeys, in restaurants, beach bars, coffee shops etc. when we would like to stay for more than a few minutes! We added some new toys for the plane ride over each costing less than £3 each but each gave us some entertainment time per toy.

Aerosol sun cream

It’s just easier, spray them down and done in seconds.

Amazon Fire

Our little one is not that into TV (we have tried, believe me!) so the tablet is not something which can sustain for a long time but it certainly helped for both plane rides and when he was particularly fractious in a restaurant


For babies who are still having milk, having a bottle or breast to suck on upon take-off and landing really helps. The pre-made formula cartons can be helpful for this for bottle-feeding parents. For older babies and toddlers: snacks, snacks and more snacks! My top tip? Mini boxes of raisins can keep a little one busy for a lonnnnng time.

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