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Are you ready, ready?

When it comes to making changes to your baby’s sleep, as the parents you really need to be ready. As in, really ready! And reaching that point happens at a different time for every person.

Both my husband and I are people who really need our sleep - early bedtime losers 🤓 even before our baby came along. So we were both aligned with wanting to try and teach our baby to sleep well from early on. We knew that was our best shot at avoiding burning out, at having time for each other and having the energy to parent in the way we wanted to.

If you are also someone who needs their sleep then sleep deprivation is going to be so much harder on you than someone else who doesn’t need it quite so much. We all have different thresholds for this. Don’t feel shame or guilt about reaching out for help when things are getting too much or for reaching out sooner than you think you “should”. Coping isn’t the same as living and if you are ready to get sleep improved in your house, it’s about finding a sleep consultant who is right for you and your little one.

If you’re ready ready, sign up for a free 15 minute intro call.

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