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Sleep 101: How to build a good routine

Getting babies into a happy and healthy sleep routine is sometimes easier said than done. Even if you do manage it in the newborn stage, throw in issues like teething and changes in environment, and regression may well be on the cards. To help you build a realistic and manageable routine, we asked two sleep experts to answer our questions – plus, two mothers share their opposing experiences, and why each worked well for their families.

How normal is disturbed sleep in the newborn stage?

“Very normal. Newborns spend around half of their sleeping time in what’s known as ‘active sleep’. Active sleep can appear restless, so things like moving around, grunting and snuffling, and fluttering eyelids are all really normal. This can be confusing for parents as it can look like their babies are wakeful and needing something, when actually they’re still asleep.” – Emily Houltram, owner of The Sleep Chief.


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