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What is baby sleep regression?

Sleep expert shares her top tips for parents

Although usually temporary, baby sleep regression can be a frustrating and stressful time for parents, especially when the change happens suddenly.

Emily Houltram, founder of The Sleep Chief, shares her top tips for managing sleep regression as your little one grows.

What is a sleep regression and why does it happen? 

A sleep regression is when sleep appears to take a backwards step. You feel like you have sleep figured out, but then suddenly it doesn’t flow as it did. Several things can throw sleep off track – teething, illness, travelling (particularly where there’s a significant time difference), clock changes, new siblings and nap transitions. A major one is simply that babies’ sleep needs change as they get older.

The only ‘regression’ with any actual science behind it is the one at around 4 months old, when sleep cycles change and become more like adult sleep. But even that one divides professionals!  Between 4 and 6 months is one of the most popular stages for parents to seek support from us.


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