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Heatwave Tips

We talk to parents every day about making sure their baby’s sleep environment is kept cool to avoid the risk of SIDs and actually, most of us sleep better when the room is on the cooler side. However, when we get hot weather like we have at the moment in the UK, most houses are just not equipped to stay at the recommended temperature of 16-20 degrees. This in itself can feel really worrying, particularly if you have a younger baby. So what can you do? Here are a few tips for you:

Refer to a "What to wear" guide

I refer back to this handy infographic from The Gro Company often and we also share it with parents we work with so it’s clear what layers/sleeping bag to put your little one depending on the room temperature. When the temperature hits 27 degrees+ go for nappy-only and no sleeping bag

A fan and ice

If you are struggling with your baby’s room temperature, try having a fan in the room a little way away from the cot and not facing directly at your baby. You can also place a bowl of ice directly in front of the fan to send some cool air circulating.

Windows open, curtains closed

During the day keep windows open throughout the house but with curtains and blinds mostly closed. This is the best thing you can do to try to keep the house cooler.

Snoozeshade or Parasol

If you are out for naps in the pram, use a Snoozeshade or Parasol rather than placing a Muslin or blanket over it to give shade. Doing this can dangerously overheat the pram.


If your baby needs to feed more often than usual when it’s hot, that’s ok and going with the flow is totally fine. If you are thinking of starting sleep training with your little one it’s also a good idea to pause starting until any super-hot weather has passed so that you have total peace of mind.


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