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How do you get your baby to take one of their naps on-the-go?⁠

Often parents need their baby to take one of their regular daytime naps in a pram, buggy or car to fit in with school runs or other activities. There are some ways to create a more optimal sleep environment and encourage sleep for these cases, for example:⁠

-Using the same sleeping bag (as the cot) when napping in the pram and dressing baby in comfortable clothing⁠

-Using a car seat canopy/sun shade if naps are taking place in the car⁠

-Putting the buggy into the horizontal position (only when naps are to take place) which can act as a sleep cue to your baby, and using a blanket or foot muff to make the buggy as cosy as possible⁠

-Using a buggy or pram shade and pulling it down once baby starts to become sleepy to stop them from becoming distracted, fighting sleep and potentially missing a nap⁠


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