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How To Get Rid Of The Dummy

Dummies work so well for many babies and are an instant settler and soother, but if it has become a hindrance to your baby's and your sleep (read: you're getting up multiple times a night to pop it back in) then it might be time for it to go.⁠

So what's the best way to get rid the dummy if you feel you're ready to make that change? In short: cold turkey. And luckily babies forget very quickly all about their dummy after the first few days.

Some other advice to help:⁠

  • For babies over six months you can try introducing a comforter in place of the dummy before removing it altogether ⁠

  • Use an alternative settling technique for your baby's sleep at night instead of using the dummy⁠

  • Try reducing the use of it initially during the day so that the dummy is only used at bedtime⁠

  • For young babies you can remove it just before they fall asleep which can help them to learn a new way to fall asleep⁠

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