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How to manage the clock change

The clocks will go back by an hour on Sunday 30th October morning at 2am. If you have just gotten to a place where your little one is sleeping well, this clock change can totally be a source of anxiety. We don’t want anything messing up those long stretches of sleep! So here are three options for you for what you can do to manage the clock change with your baby’s sleep whether your baby is sleeping well or not so well:

Option 1

Option one and the way we do it with our little one is to push bedtime later by 10 minutes or so each evening starting from Wednesday night. This also means pushing all of your timings 10 mins later the following day, then night and so on and so forth. What this does is counter the clock change nicely by preparing your baby gradually. And, if you have a persistent early riser on your hands, (hello all of you 5am-5.30am babies!) then this is well worth doing to avoid an even earlier start.

Option 2

Simpler to get your head around is to start 2 days before (Friday night) and put your little one to bed 30 mins later that evening, then all feed, nap, etc. timings will be 30 mins later the following day, then bedtime Saturday night you’ll do another 30 mins later. Less of a gradual prep but can work well.

Option 3

Do nothing! Your little one should adapt over the following few days and this is the option I’d recommend if your little one is not sleeping particularly well or in a solid routine. If you have an early riser though, this is the option I’d recommend least.


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