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How important is having a daytime nap routine?

Most new parents understand the importance of a bedtime routine in the evenings, but how important is having a daytime nap routine for your baby?

Babies and adults alike thrive on routine. For babies it instills confidence in them about “what is to come” which will ultimately lead them to feeling secure. When a baby is secure they are likely to wake up happy each day, babbling and chatting away to themselves rather than waking up crying. They tend to be more relaxed overall and will only cry when they actually need something.

For me, having a solid nap routine is so important in order for babies to be sleeping well at night as well as getting the right amount of overall sleep for their age and generally being at their best in terms of energy and contentment.

Most babies are able to pick up new sleep routines and settling techniques within 5 days so if you feel your naps are all over the place at the moment don’t worry, things can be improved quickly but being totally consistent is key.

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