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Meet Jago, our baby boy and the one who unknowingly kick-started the Sleep Chief journey

When I was pregnant with Jago my husband and I talked a lot about our excitement and fears around having a baby. By far our biggest fear was the sleep deprivation, so I decided to really delve deep into the subject, reading lots and listening to podcasts to see if there was a way to make the first few months (and years!) better - good even - as far as sleep was concerned.

After Jago was born we gently started to nudge him into a routine from fairly early on, which suited us. Plus, being a lockdown baby there wasn’t much else to do! Jago slept through the night from four and a half months old and has never had a nighttime wake-up since. His naps are at the same times each day and he is a happy, healthy baby boy.

I loved seeing the sleep theory I learned put into practice and how routine, alongside an optimal sleep environment and teaching babies how to fall asleep independently really worked. So, I delved a little deeper on the subject and qualified as a sleep consultant! And here we are.

Image via: @embobidy


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