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My baby is an early riser, what can I do?

Here are some things to look at:

💤 Is their sleep environment dark enough? Even a chink of light can be enough to stop your baby’s brain producing the sleepy hormone, Melatonin, and signal to them that it’s time to wake up.

💤 Are there any noises that could be disturbing them in the early hours? The heating coming on and clanky radiators is a common one.

💤 Could they be going to bed too early or too late? Too early and they may be fully rested and ready to go at 5am. Too late and overtired-ness can make it difficult for them to re-settle when they come into their lighter sleep in the early hours.

💤 Is there too much daytime sleep happening for their age? Capping the nap times can ensure that they are not ending up too rested before they go to bed.

💤 Are they going through a new development? Babies practice new skills in their cot so if they wake you in the early hours babbling away, just try to leave them be at first and see if they babble themselves back to sleep.


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