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My baby doesn’t want to nap in their crib/cot, what can I do?

It’s really common and totally normal for babies to not want to nap in their cot - I mean, mum’s chest is just so comfy? And who can resist the lulling motion of the pram? But if you are ready for your baby to be napping in their cot rather than having to make endless journeys out in the cold, or being held hostage on the sofa then here are a few tips:

-Make sure your baby is tired enough. Have they been awake long enough and had sufficient stimulation to ensure they are good and ready for their nap?

-Check that your baby is well fed, burped and not in any discomfort or pain

-Put them into their crib or cot awake so that they can get used to falling asleep independently

-Make sure the room is pitch black and that there is nothing to cause distractions

-Use white noise to block any external household or sibling noises

-Be consistent in how you respond whilst getting your baby used to napping in their cot, this will help them learn that everything is ok and they can fall asleep at peace

Image via: @quincymae


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