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Should you be worried about the 4 month regression?⁠

This is definitely not something that you should worry about before it happens! Firstly, the 4 month regression is actually a positive sign as it means that your baby’s sleep is progressing. It’s at this point in their development that babies’ sleep actually matures and becomes more akin to adult’s sleep. They will spend more time in lighter sleep than they did before which can then, unfortunately, cause more wake-ups.

A few things which are common with the 4 month regression:⁠

💤 Your baby who may have been starting to sleep longer stints seems to “regress” and wakes every 2-3 hours again. Sometimes more!⁠

💤 Any nap patterns that were starting to emerge seem to change. Naps can either become longer or very short⁠

💤 “Split nights” may make an appearance, when your baby is awake for long durations during the night⁠

💤 Your baby might be fussier than before and their appetite changed⁠

Some babies actually sail through this regression without an issue but if your baby is struggling, the key to getting over this hurdle is teaching them how to fall asleep independently. That way when they are coming in and out of their sleep cycles they are able to fall peacefully back to sleep. ⁠ Image @authenticbabyphotography


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