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Should You Ever Wake A Sleeping Baby?

sleeping baby

Should you ever wake a sleeping baby?⁠

Many parents (and grandparents!) would say no but I disagree with this. A baby's nighttime sleep is directly affected by what happens during the day, and too much daytime sleep or a baby sleeping through feeds or meal times can result in nighttime wake-ups that could be avoided. ⁠

If you are sticking to a daytime routine to help your baby's sleep then timing naps is a great way to stay on schedule and there are loving, gentle ways to wake your baby if you need to, including:⁠

  • Unzipping your baby's sleeping bag and opening the blinds or curtains to let in natural light allowing them to then wake up gradually⁠

  • ⁠Turning off the white noise machine (if you are using one) and quietly saying hello or good morning⁠

  • Giving them a loving rub on their belly or back and a kiss⠀⁠

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