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6-12 month sleep programme

6-12 month sleep programme

Is your baby waking lots during the night and struggling to go back to sleep? Are the unpredictable days and "bed dread" starting to become too much? 

This programme will help you to fully understand and address your baby's sleep needs including naps and night time sleep. We'll look at common sleep issues that may have emerged in the first few months and how to address them swiftly. And share with you how to lovingly teach your baby how to fall asleep without needing to feed, rock or go for endless walks.

  • The programme covers:

    • Introduction
    • Goal setting
    • A little about sleep
    • Safe sleep guidelines
    • Sleep environment & checklist
    • The importance of routine
    • Naps
    • A routine with set timings
    • Sleep associations 
    • Settling method: controlled crying
    • Settling method: controlled comforting
    • Final checklist
    • Troubleshoot checklist
    • Additional support
    • Troubleshoot FAQs library
  • Hear what the parents say:

    "My baby is now getting all the sleep she needs and wakes up happy after naps and in the morning. You cannot put a price on that!"

    "Within a week of your caring, thoughtful help and guidance we have a totally changed child."

    "You are a miracle worker and we cannot thank you enough for giving us all the glorious gift of sleep."

    "I've seen such a change in her since our journey with you began; she's happy and her development has come on leaps and bounds."

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