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No crying | 0-5 months sleep programme

No crying | 0-5 months sleep programme

Whether you are awaiting the arrival of your new baby or navigating your first few weeks and months with a newborn, if you are wanting to make improvements to sleep but are wanting to avoid any tears then this sleep programme is for you.


Our babies’ crying is a normal reaction to introducing change, however it can be extremely triggering and hard to bear for many parents. So, in the meantime, it is possible to make positive changes and improvements to sleep without using settling methods involving crying.

Understanding all about your baby's sleep and putting good sleep habits in place from the beginning can absolutely transform your first year of having a baby and bring a sense of calmness to the first few months. 


This programme will give you clear advice on how you can help your baby on the road to good sleep from the early weeks onwards including daytime routines you can follow from 4 weeks to 6 months.


Please note: the standard 0-5 months sleep programme will give the best results for improving your baby's sleep. This version is for parents who would still like to make some positive changes to sleep and does not include self-settling methods.

  • The programme covers:

    • Introduction
    • Early weeks
    • Feeding
    • Safe sleep guidelines
    • A little about sleep
    • Sleep environment & checklist
    • Routine and early bedtimes
    • 4-6 weeks routine
    • 6-8 weeks routine
    • 8-12 weeks routine
    • 3-4 months routine
    • 4-6 months routine
    • Sleep associations 
    • How to help your little one to fall asleep without crying
    • When to feed at night and when to settle
    • Additional support
  • Hear what the parents say:

    "The 0-5 months sleep programme was a game changer for us. After months of interrupted sleep and unpredictable naps, the programme took all of the stress and anxiety away. Our routine is in place, but flexible, and our baby is just as happy as we are!"

    "Within a week of your caring, thoughtful help and guidance we have a totally changed child."

    "You are a miracle worker and we cannot thank you enough for giving us all the glorious gift of sleep."

    "I've seen such a change in her since our journey with you began; she's happy and her development has come on leaps and bounds."

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