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Sleep Programmes

Downloadable sleep programmes with all of the information you need to transform your baby's sleep in days! A Sleep Consultant-written interactive PDF for you to absorb, learn and implement at your own pace to teach your little one how to sleep well. And for a limited time only, at half their usual price...


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What Parents Say...

The 0-5 months sleep programme was a game changer for us. After months of interrupted sleep and unpredictable naps, the programme took all of the stress and anxiety away. Our routine is in place, but flexible, and our baby is just as happy as we are!

Lucy Jennifer


This Is For You If Your
Little One:

  • Is waking up lots overnight

  • Falls asleep whilst feeding

  • Needs to be rocked or held to sleep

  • Can only nap in the pram, buggy or in arms

  • Only takes short naps and seems to fight naps

  • The lack of sleep is really impacting your family

  • You're ready to make a change! 

Imagine Being Able To:

  • Find the joy in parenting again!

  • Put your baby down awake at bedtime in their cot without tears

  • Have the confidence to know you're doing when it comes to sleep

  • All be getting more rest enabling you to be able to be the parent you want to be 

  • Have predictable breaks every day when your baby naps in their cot

  • Have more time for yourself and each other in the evenings

  • Stop feeding, rocking, cuddling, walking, holding to sleep each night

Have A Look Inside

A taste of what you can expect from your sleep programme

Dear Tired Parent

I know you're struggling.

Your baby has just woken again, or it's 3am and they won't settle or it's 5am and they're wide awake. Everyone says having a baby is hard but is it supposed to be THIS hard? 

You need help with sleep but you've Googled and Instagrammed your way into baby sleep analysis paralysis! And, combined with the sleep deprivation it's leaving you frozen and not knowing what to do next.

You may be blaming yourself for "bad habits" you feel you've got your little one into. Or wondering if yours is just a bad sleeper? Or wondering if it's too late to change things?

I'm here to tell you ABSOLUTELY NOT. You can 100% make changes if you are ready to and it is not too late. Good sleep - longer stretches of uninterrupted sleep and predictable naps - are totally yours for the taking. My sleep programmes walk you through how to understand and help your baby to sleep better, step-by-step without ever needing to leave your baby to "cry it out".

Meet The Sleep Chief

Hello! I'm Emily, I'm an OCN Level 5 certified Sleep Consultant and fellow parent to a small person. When I was pregnant with my baby I decided to really delve deep and read up on the subject of sleep, determined to find a way to avoid the dreaded first months and years of sleep deprivation - otherwise known as torture!

After our son, Jago, was born and we started to gently nudge him into a routine, putting the sleep theory I had learned into practice, I was surprised and delighted when he started sleeping through the night from 4.5 months old. He has predictable naps each day and has never had a disturbed night or regression since he started sleeping through. And, with ZERO "crying it out" or harsh outdated sleep training methods.

I made the decision to train as a sleep consultant, completing my qualification whilst on maternity leave. I started The Sleep Chief business to help other parents and to pass on what I learned with our own little sleep thief. Getting no sleep or terrible sleep for months on end is not something you just have to "put up with" and is 100% something which can be worked on and improved in a relatively short period of time.


Your 50% Offer Expires In:

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