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Sleep Programmes

Downloadable sleep programmes with all of the information you need to transform your baby's sleep in days! A Sleep Consultant-written interactive PDF for you to absorb, learn and implement at your own pace to teach your little one how to sleep well. And for a limited time only, at half their usual price...


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What Parents Say...

The 0-5 months sleep programme was a game changer for us. After months of interrupted sleep and unpredictable naps, the programme took all of the stress and anxiety away. Our routine is in place, but flexible, and our baby is just as happy as we are!

Lucy Jennifer


This Is For You If Your
Little One:

  • Is waking up lots overnight

  • Falls asleep whilst feeding

  • Needs to be rocked or held to sleep

  • Can only nap in the pram, buggy or in arms

  • Only takes short naps and seems to fight naps

  • The lack of sleep is really impacting your family

  • You're ready to make a change! 

Imagine Being Able To:

  • Find the joy in parenting again!

  • Put your baby down awake at bedtime in their cot without tears

  • Have the confidence to know you're doing when it comes to sleep

  • All be getting more rest enabling you to be able to be the parent you want to be 

  • Have predictable breaks every day when your baby naps in their cot

  • Have more time for yourself and each other in the evenings

  • Stop feeding, rocking, cuddling, walking, holding to sleep each night

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