Read what some of our clients have said about working with us. These families all had a sleep consultation plus follow-up support and all have had 100% success with transforming their baby's sleep within days.


Alina Bilal

We decided to engage your help as we had unknowingly created a sleep association for our daughter. She had also never slept in her cot or by herself and would cry the minute I would put her down to sleep, unless I would nurse her. I basically had no me time at all. I was getting frustrated and my husband was getting frustrated as he couldn’t help (I exclusively breastfeed)

The most important thing you did was work with us and our daughter’s natural cycles to create a routine that worked for her. We also enlisted your help for a week afterwards and I have to say, I would not have made it otherwise. We were able to get constant reassurance and in real time answers to whatever questions or concerns we had. 

As first time parents we worried we would “break” our child, but Emily helped us stay consistent and reassured us that we were on the right path. My baby is now getting all the sleep she needs, in a properly organised schedule and wakes up happy after every nap and in the morning. You cannot put a price on that! 

You have honestly helped us discover that having a baby but also some me & us time is possible! I still cannot believe it sometimes. I even have time to write long reviews like this one now. Honestly, if you struggle, get her help! You will discover that having a baby and not losing yourself in it is still possible.

*Applicable on newborn, 1 hour, 1 hour + support and at home consultations until 31st July.