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Read what some of our clients have said about working with us. These families all had a sleep consultation plus follow-up support and all have had 100% success with transforming their baby's sleep within days.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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Felix Therrien

I want to place on record our huge thanks to Emily. We were like many new parents; our 4 month old went overnight from being a good sleeper, to suddenly hitting the regression and being unable to sleep without being attached to my wife, or cradled in my arms. We felt like we had tried everything to remedy this, but after weeks of ever worsening sleep, we felt lost, and at rock bottom.

I found Emily after reviewing various potential support options, and immediately felt that she perfectly hit the balance we might need in trying to really make a lasting change.

From our first chat, through to the actual support package, she was always positive, engaged and willing to listen to our concerns and feedback. It's safe to say she held our hands through the whole thing, as we (my wife and I) were both riddled with guilt and doubt.

Whilst it was stressful in those first 48 hours, our daughter's sleep was transformed within a matter of days, and now the bedtime routine is completely tear free, painless and enjoyable. Our daughter self settles and sleeps 10 hours plus a night, whilst happily doing all of her naps in the cot (having never before done any).

I would recommend The Sleep Chief to everybody that is going through these things. I was hesitant for so long to do sleep training, but all of us in the family are much happier for the help we received, and that has allowed us to be better parents every day.

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