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Why I love a routine (and you should to!)

Having time for yourself and time for you and your partner are both really really important and should not simply disappear after you have a baby. Once you have a solid daytime routine in place that works for your little one you can make firm plans and know that you will actually be able to do them! Whether you choose to have a consultation with us or buy a sleep programme, you will be given a daytime routine with set timings to follow that is suitable for your baby’s age/age range and here’s why:⁠ 1. Starting and finishing the day at the same time each day and working to a 12 hour day is one of the best things you can do to start getting your baby's sleep regulated. It also creates a consistent 24 hour routine that establishes their circadian rhythm

2. Having set timings for your naps I find really helps to stop parents from getting in a muddle. You can plan your day including baby classes knowing the times when your baby will naturally be tiring and ready for a nap 3. Sometimes sleepy cues aren't obvious! So many parents we work with are struggling with phantom cues and either putting their babies down too early or too late. A routine with set timings is going to remove all of that ambiguity

4. Predictable breaks. Remember those?! When you had a full-on job before you used to breaks and you very much still need those now with a 12 hour work day.

Having predictability in your day is going to give your baby and you a sense of calmness as they will start to know exactly what's happening next at each point in their day and be going down for their naps contentedly. We can't wait to help you put a daytime routine in place!

Need more tips? Grab one of our Free Sleep Guides here.


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