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If You Want To Help Your Baby To Be A Good Sleeper From The Beginning, This Is The Consultation For You.


The perfect new family experience for baby and parents. You are a saint!

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In The Pregnancy Consultation You Will Get



A shop-able list of our hero, top recommended newborn sleep products to buy ahead of birth

An exact plan of what to do in the early weeks plus routines to follow from 4 weeks old upwards 



Access to our online portal with a library of Programmes & video guides to keep your baby's sleep on track

Pregnancy Consultation

£300 | suitable for parents-to-be

Putting great sleep foundations in place from the start teaches your baby how to sleep well from the beginning.

This consultation specifically for parents-to-be is the exact blueprint of what I did with my son, and that I know from first-hand experience: actually works. Teaching you about your baby's sleep proactively, rather than reactively once it gets to an unsustainable place.

For parents who want to nail their new baby’s sleep from the beginning, pregnancy offers a perfect window of time to learn, absorb, purchase recommended products, and feel totally calm and confident about sleep ahead of your baby’s arrival. Magic!

Perfect for first time parents-to-be, but also for second and third timers who want to get sleep working well quicker this time around. 

Happy, rested baby = happy parents.



Pre-birth sleep products/gadgets shopping list (value: £50)

+ Your one-hour Zoom consultation (value: £300)

+ Emailed 0-6 Months Sleep Programme for your baby's age (value: £46)

Plus, instant access to the following bonus resources to keep your baby's sleep great after we finish working together:

+ Lifetime access to our entire suite of four Sleep Programmes from 6 months to 4 years (value: £126)
+ "Managing Routine Around Baby Classes" guide (value: £25)
+ A "Nailing Naps On-The-Go" video guide (value: £25)

+ "After Illness - Sleep Revival" video guide (value: £50)
+ A "Travel" Sleep Guide (value: £25)
+ "Early Rising" video masterclass (value: £50)
+ "Nap Transitions" video masterclass (value: £50)
+ "Step-by-Step Self-Settling" plus "Managing the Clock Change" 1 hour video masterclass (value: £100)

Total Value: £847
You Pay: £300

Option to pay in three interest-free monthly payments at the checkout

Pregnacy Consultation

Here's How The Consultation Works:






Start by clicking the 'book' button and choosing a time/day (allowing 3 days beforehand to complete a sleep diary). You'll never need to wait longer than 10 days for your consultation and you can choose to have the consultation at whatever point of your pregnancy that you'd like it.

Once you've booked your appointment we will email your recommended products shopping list to go through prior to your consultation. We will talk you through each of these products one-by-one in your consultation. You'll also receive your Zoom link ready for your consultation.

You'll have a one hour Zoom consultation and straight afterwards you'll receive your emailed Sleep Programme along with instant access to your library of bonus resources to keep your new baby's sleep working well no matter which sickness bug, nap transition or long-haul travel comes your way.

Once your new baby arrives you'll be able to start putting what you've learned into practice and laying those great sleep foundations from the start. If you'd like to have a top-up call before your baby reaches 4 months, you can book a 30 minute troubleshoot call (£95) and we can guide you on your next stages.

We recommend putting in place the sleep foundations you've learned from the beginning and introducing a routine as and when you feel ready from 4 weeks upwards. Working on sleep proactively from the beginning is one of the biggest tricks most new parents miss and can truly transform the first years of having a baby.

We believe wholeheartedly in giving you the ability to live your own life AND be a parent. NOT have your life taken OVER by parenting and dragged down by sleep deprivation.




Let's Have A 15 Minute Intro Call

This Is For You If:

You want to know more about the Pregnancy Consultation and decide if we're the right fit for each other. 

From our experience we know that when both partners are present and on board with the sleep plan, the outcome is more successful - WIN! With that in mind, pick a time for your intro session when both parents-to-be can be on the call, if it's possible.


15 minute Zoom call 

The price for your intro call is £10 but deductible from the consultation price.

Book an intro session

Meet The Team



Hello, my name is Rachel and I'm mummy to 2 lovely little boys, Archie 4 and Teddy 2. 


Sleep deprivation can be brutal! I've been there and know just how tough it can be. That is why I trained to be a sleep consultant; I want to be able to help as many families as possible so they don't feel so desperate and alone. If your little one's sleep isn't working for you, there are absolutely things that can be done and I'm so excited to help you.

IMG_2758 2_edited.png


Hi, I’m Katie, mummy of two little ones; Arthur 3 and Ella 1. They’re a little comedy duo and certainly keep me on my toes.


When Arthur was a baby he had quite bad reflux which made our sleep journey a tricky one to begin with. He was often uncomfortable when laid down and therefore needed to be taught the skill of self settling at an older age once the reflux was under control.

My partner and I used to spend over an hour trying to settle him every night, we had lost our evenings together and also had another baby on the way. Eventually we decided to hire a sleep consultant - The Sleep Chief! We were amazed at how quickly our “bad sleeper” was transformed into a great sleeper with no more bedtime battles! 


Hi, I'm Emily, founder of The Sleep Chief and mum of one. 

I am super passionate about the idea that the early months and years of parenthood do not just have to mean: sleep deprivation. There really is a better way. A way to make it all feel more manageable and enjoyable: a formula to achieving good sleep for your baby.

It's what I did with my son and what I know first-hand works. We've now helped over 2000 families to do the same and I can't wait to show you exactly how to get your little one sleeping well quickly and easily.

We Will Help You Get:

Longer stretches

Get longer stretches of sleep at night and longer naps

Predictable breaks

Get your baby taking predictable naps in their cot


Find the joy in parenting again by getting the sleep you need

Cot sleep

To be able to put your baby down awake

Quality time

Have more time for you and your partner each evening


Have the confidence to know what you're doing with sleep

More rest

More rest allowing you to be the parent you want to be

Independent sleep

Move away from feeding, rocking or holding-to-sleep


To enjoy life and parenting fully



Best money I have ever spent. Consistent, personal and wonderful support.

Jake Speed

Ready to get your baby sleeping well?

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