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Just give them a minute or two…⁠

A good tip when it comes to working on your baby’s sleep is to simply give them a bit of time when they start making noise during the night or during a nap. Well-meaning parents (hello light-sleeping mamas! 👋) can actually leap to babies’ aid prematurely when they may be totally fine and are simply coming in and out of a sleep cycle. ⁠

When babies do this, they can make a bit of noise, things like:⁠

• Murmuring⁠

• Fussing⁠

• Chatting⁠

• Rustling⁠

• Snuffling⁠

• Banging their legs onto the cot mattress - my baby’s current favourite!⁠

All of these things they might do whilst not even being fully awake so by coming in too soon we also run the risk of waking them up fully. But, if they are awake and not crying out then they might just chatter or murmur themselves back to sleep if given a few minutes to try.⁠



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