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The 4 month regression and how to beat it

The four month regression marks a permanent change in babies’ sleep as it matures and becomes more akin to adult’s sleep. They will spend more time in lighter sleep than they did before which is why, if your baby is around this age, you may be experiencing more frequent wake-ups than a few weeks ago!

But fear not - we have a tried and tested formula for working with babies in this age range which I will be sharing step-by-step in a group Zoom consultation this Friday at 10am for £12 per person!

This call is for you if:

💤 Your baby who may have been starting to sleep for longer stretches seems to have “regressed” and wakes every 2-3 hours again. Sometimes more frequently.⁠

💤 Transferring your baby to their crib once asleep isn’t working anymore! And they are waking the second you lay them down. Frustrating!

💤 Any nap patterns that were starting to emerge have changed. Naps have become more difficult.

💤 “Split nights” may make an appearance, when your baby is awake for long durations during the night⁠

💤 Your baby might be fussier than before and their appetite has changed⁠


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