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Are you thinking about or wanting to launch your own online business? Perhaps you're thinking of becoming a sleep consultant. Or you're coming to the end of your maternity leave and the thought of going back to your old role is filling you with dread. 

Starting my own business on maternity leave was one of the best things I've ever done and the freedom I have from it genuinely makes me so happy and grateful each day. I offer private one-to-one coaching for women who want the same for themselves.

My background prior to starting The Sleep Chief was in marketing and I have over 12 years' experience in digital marketing and brand building; a wealth of knowledge on how to build a successful online business from scratch.




Creating a brand that evokes trust, stands out from the competition and tells your story.



Building a website that is easy to navigate and enables your business to take bookings and make revenue seamlessly.


How to build a community of followers and create content to help your audience trust you, like you and buy from you again and again.



Building a database, how to communicate with your audience in a way that serves and how to get automated emails working for you.



Using Google pay-per-click and social media advertising to grow your business.

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Creating evergreen content and assets that can sell in the background as you go about your life.


Private coaching sessions can be done over Zoom or in person in London at Soho House.
£300 per hour-long session | £800 for three sessions

Or send me an email here:


It all started with a baby who slept very well.

Actually, it started earlier than that, when I was pregnant with said baby, aka our beautiful son, Jago! I had decided whilst pregnant to really read-up on the subject of sleep, absolutely adamant that the first few months and years after having a baby wouldn't be sleep-deprived.

Self-confessed control freak right here!

After our son was born I started to put the theory I had learned into practice and we gently began putting a routine in place from around 4 weeks old. Jago's sleep started going from strength to strength. We were getting an actual evening each evening, he started sleeping 8 hours overnight from 10 weeks old and then 12 hours through the night from 4.5 months old. And he has never regressed since.

We were over the moon! Around the same time I began noticing that the mama friends I had made were really struggling with sleep. I offered advice but I noticed that people really preferred to hear sleep advice from a professional rather than a peer - even if that meant paying for advice! 

So I decided to get a sleep qualification. Before having Jago my background was 11 years in marketing and branding and specifically for the hospitality industry. As it was lockdown during my maternity leave there was no work available in the hospitality industry to go back to (I was freelancing) so the stars really did align for me to try something new. 

What did I have to lose?

So I did my first (very cheap!) clients in December 2020. I felt strongly that I understood baby sleep innately and the great client turnaround stories came fast! Just three months later by March 2021, The Sleep Chief was a full-time business and I never went back to my former career. By November 2021 I was ready to hire my first team member and fast-forward to this year, we are a team of 5 and celebrated our first five figure month.

Looking back now, I know that all of the knowledge I had from my former career in marketing propelled The Sleep Chief from day one. And, since then I have continued learning and impleme
nting a TON of new tools and strategies to continue attracting new paying customers, even during a recession. 

And now I am SO excited to be able to share all of that juicy marketing and business know-how with you. 

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