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Better Sleep For Everyone

A no-nonsense, responsive approach that transforms sleep for all the family


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What Parents Say...
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Jennifer Walker

You are our fairy godmother. Truly.


If you’re a tired mum or dad and you feel like you’re just on this earth to cater to

your baby, do yourself the favour and contact The Sleep Chief. Get your life back!

Getting Good Sleep Is As Simple As 1,2,3: 





I'm So Glad You're Here

Whether your baby is waking multiple times each night, won't nap or will only fall asleep feeding, we’re here to help.

Restful, restorative sleep is beneficial for parents and babies alike, and can be achieved in a short period of time (our average is 7-10 days) with some practical advice and easy changes.

Through unlocking predictable sleep, we will help you to reclaim your sense of identity, reconnect with your partner and, most importantly, provide the freedom to enjoy life and parenting fully.


Emily Houltram
Founder of The Sleep Chief


I Know You're Struggling...

Does any of this sound familiar: It's 3am and they won't settle unless it's in your arms. Or it's 5am and they're wide awake. Or your baby will only nap on you and YOU need a break. Everyone said it was going to be hard, but is it supposed to be THIS hard? They just won't sleep.

And the problem is, you've got to be up in a few hours' time and you're going to be exhausted. Not able to give your full potential as a parent or at work.

You're feeling utterly defeated and nothing you've tried has worked. You've scrolled Instagram, asked Google every question, spoken to family & friends - no one has the answer to YOUR baby's issues.

But there is a solution. Through working with us your baby will get longer stretches of sleep & predictable naps so that you have:


A happy and rested baby

More energy and joy from day-to-day

Quality time for you & your partner


Ready to work with us?

Meet The Team



Hello, my name is Rachel and I'm mummy to 2 lovely little boys, Archie 4 and Teddy 2. 

We hired a sleep consultant when Archie was 10 months old and it really was life changing.  He started sleeping through the night and has done so ever since.  The help we were given was transformational and saved me in so many ways and from that moment I knew that I wanted to be able to do that for other parents.  


If your little one's sleep isn't working for you, there are absolutely things that can be done and I'm so excited to help you.


Hi, I’m Katie, mummy of two little ones; Arthur 3 and Ella 1. They’re a little comedy duo and certainly keep me on my toes.


When Arthur was a baby he had quite bad reflux which made our sleep journey a tricky one to begin with.  Eventually, we decided to hire a sleep consultant - The Sleep Chief! We were amazed at how quickly our “bad sleeper” was transformed into a great sleeper with no more bedtime battles! 


It was during my maternity leave that I decided to train to be a sleep consultant myself. I couldn’t wait to help other parents and babies get the sleep they need and deserve and transform their lives as it had done for ours.

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I'm Alex and I'm a mum of 2, Ronnie 5 and Lexi 2. I would describe myself as a fun mum and love any type of activity or day out. But like most parents, I'm constantly trying to find balance in life and I used a Sleep Consultant for both my children - WOW what a difference it made. 


I am Emily's right hand woman, behind-the-scenes ninja & I'm here to help assist the team with anything they need. Additionally if anything is spelt wrong or missing an apostrophe - apologies that's me! 


I love being a part of this incredible team and being able to support them, whilst they help parents in the same boat as I was, is amazing! 

Working With Us You Will

Find the joy in parenting again!
Be able to put your baby down awake at bedtime in their cot without tears

Have the confidence to know what you're doing when it comes to sleep

Get longer stretches of sleep at night

Get your evenings back! And have time for each other in the evenings

All be getting more rest, enabling you to be able to be the parent you want to be 

Have predictable breaks every day when your baby naps in their cot

Be able to stop feeding, rocking, cuddling, walking or holding to sleep 

Feel more like yourself again!

Sleep Programmes

Available for 0-6 months, 6-12 months,

12-18 months and 19 months - 4 years

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